Petr Kopečný


Mr. Petr Kopečný received a degree in Deep Drilling Technology at Mining University of Ostrava, Faculty of Mining and Geology in 1987. After joining Moravské naftové doly company and completing manual practice at drilling rig in 1988 he held several technical positions, always related to drilling technology.

He began his career in MND as a drilling engineer and later he was appointed to the position of Head of Drilling Technology Department in Lužice. After passing an exam at Mining Authorities in Brno he worked as a Well design engineer and Senior drilling engineer and in 2006 he was promoted to the position of Drilling and Workover Division Director. In November 2014 he was appointed to the position CEO of MND Drilling & Services and in February 2017 he was appointed to the position COO of MND D&S.