MND Drilling & Services takes pride in its expanding engineering portfolio. The Engineering Division mainly engages in the manufacture and repair of drilling tools and other drilling systems as well as oil & gas production and processing technological equipment.

The company employs leading experts qualified in general engineering, with a particular emphasis on oil & gas technology.

Our product portfolio includes Christmas trees, pressure vessels, drill pipe threads, line wipers and hard-surface materials. We also perform wellhead equipment repairs, including maintenance of BOPs, BOP control units and manifolds. Furthermore, the Division specializes in magnetic imaging defectoscopy, employing four methods – powder (magnaflux), fluorescence, iridium radiation and capillary method.

Products of the Machinery Division are distributed throughout Europe. Major customers are, however, domestic companies – such as MND a.s., RWE Gas Storage s.r.o., Green Gas, Nafta a.s., Pozagas, LAMA Oil and sister companies including LP Drilling in Italy and MND Drilling Germany.