The Transportation Division provides transportation services primarily for MND Group companies. Its main objective is to conduct freight transportation projects efficiently and in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner. The Division has a specialized vehicle fleet at its disposal, which complies with requirements for operation in challenging environments.

The vehicles are designed for operation in rugged terrain as well as for transportation of oversized loads or ADR materials. The vehicle fleet also includes a number of heavy-duty cranes. Freight transportation is overseen by a trained operator. All drivers are duly qualified and hold all licenses which may be necessary for day-to-day operation (machining, crane operation and slinger licenses).

The following vehicles are available for public hire:

04 - Autojeřáb Grove 70 t     03 - Autojeřáb Grove GMK 55 t

Grove 70 t crane truck                                                      Grove GMK 55 t crane truck


01 - Tahač MAN s podvalníkem Noteboom - web     02 - Tahač MAN s návěsem Schawrzmuller

MAN tractor trailer with Noteboom chassis                MAN tractor trailer with a Schwarzmüller trailer

designed for loads up to 12 m long,

3.5 m wide and 4.5 m high.